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We have been asked by our client to assist them in selling:

  • A profitable and innovative designer and manufacturer of a broad range of power supplies, power related products and battery monitoring systems located in Western Europe.The company’s prestigious customer list is fast growing due to its innovative approach. The products of our customer are exported to more than 20 countries and has an established distribution network.
  • A profitable German Distributor of custom specific products with their own Engineering Services.
  • A profitable distributor and representative for electronic components in Germany with an excellent customer base.
  • A very successful and highly profitable distribution company in the area of Electromechanical Components and applications in the Telecommunication, Communications Engineering and similar products.

We have been asked by our client to assist them in finding:

  • A technically specialized distributor or manufacturer (Power, EMEC, Imaging, Sensing, Magnetics, Communication, Frequency, Fibre Optics) with a Sales Volume of 10+ Mio. Euro in Europe
  • A company with own product development and production in the field of Electromechanic, Electronic, Optoelectronic or heat management, preferred in Southern Germany.

M&A activities completed with the support of Interconsult:

  • RSG Electronic Components GmbH: November 29, 2013
  • MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH: October 5, 2011
  • CompoTRON GmbH: January 12, 2011

For additional M&A projects please contact:

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